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Re-uploaded with pitch-shift!

This is the ending song to one of my favorite shows; Naruto! I was thinking about it and I thought it'd make a great opening song for Legend of Korra! Well...if the show was an anime at least, lol.

The Japanese kanji's that appear randomly on the clips are just random words and phrases I picked but they sounded well together and I really wanted to make this look like a real Anime opening. Not the kanji's at the top over the lyrics, those are the real kanji's for the lyrics. lol sorry if I'm confusing you guys :]

Btw, I'm sorry if some of the translations are wrong, I got them off a website and I don't exactly speak Japanese so I can't correct it even if I wanted to. Tehe :b

Disclaimer: I do not own Avatar: Legend of Korra.

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